Wednesday, 15 February 2012

weigh in...... or erm, not!

Well, what can I say about this week?

First off, its has been a bitch of a week. Well and truly. Thursday I started feeling unwell and by Saturday I was rough as a badgers bum. So when the other half offered to get a Chinese, well I didn't say no.
Monday Callum had his operation, so Sunday night was not a good night for sleeping. Emmy had the cold by then but still wanted to go to lunch and shopping. So after (tsk tsk) skipping breakfast I had a burger and fries in McDonald's.
Yesterday was a pretty horrendous day, Emmy had a tummy bug. Kebab for dinner as was meant to weigh in this morning and a shish kebab is not a bad choice, but after 3 take-aways I was scared for this morning.
But I couldn't weigh in, not sure I would have left Emmy even for half an hour but my poor mum is now poorly so there was no way I was going to ask her to babysit.
I did hop on my home scales, which are a good pound or so heavier than the scales at my club, soooo they said 16st 0.25lb. Which means I think I might be in the 15's next week.


Emmy seems to be recovering, my cold is all but gone and *touches wood furiously* Callum has been quarantined from his sister and shows no signs of having a bug. Bit moody after his op, but hey, he is a teenager in 11 days *gulp*

We have guests on Saturday, so going to use my weekly points and have a little cake. I think I deserve a little treat after this week. So there, negativity and illness BE GONE! I have weight to lose and this ain't gonna stop me!

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