Tuesday, 12 March 2013

NOTD Crows Toes - Hell Hath No Fury

Sorry for being MIA, blogging is taking a small back seat for a little while but will be back in full force soon :)

Today I have a swatch of the insane Hell Hath No Fury by Crows Toes, such an apt name for me at the moment since fury is am emotion I often feel at the moment!

This polish is an amazing mix, orange glitter in hex and line shapes, red hexes, micro glitter and some insanely awesome lilac glitter that should be out of place but glows from the base of this polish!

I did use undies for this but as this has been in my draft folder for so long I have forgotten but it would have been a generic drug store colour!

Due to the amount of glitter the base of this polish is quite thick, some might want to thin it out but I prefer to not do that so just dabble it on the nail

This looks like I have tip wear but I don't, my old phone camera frequently made polishes look like I had tip wear, very odd!

Drying time is quite long for this polish, but not unbearably so, I used a coat of Gelish and a coat of Seche to make it touch dry but had to be careful not to do anything that would apply pressure to my nails.

Removal is best done using the foil method, which I automatically do with glitterbombs!

Crows Toes is available from Llarowe and Overall Beauty

Sunday, 3 March 2013

NOTD Crows Toes - Absolum, Your Potions Master

Quick post again! This is an absolute glitter bomb, this is one coat dabbled over a dark green base

Nightmare to remove but oh, so so so worth it!

This has all sorts in it and really is like a magical potion

Crows toes are available from Llarowe and Overall Beauty just er, not this one!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

NOTD piCture pOlish - Krytonite

Quick post from me, life has been manic to say the least! This is one of my recent favourite polishes! 

Based on the flawless application, amazing wear and frankly awesomeness of this polish I have already acquired two more piCture pOlish polishes and will be getting more once I have moved (hence my lack of posting!)

Kryptonite is available from Llarowe and also through Sally Magpies the ONLY place currently selling Indies in the UK!

Monday, 18 February 2013

50 Random facts about me

So, busy time for me lately, blog posts are having to take a back seat, and I can't say much on here at the moment but big update soon!
So for now, you get this bit of fun!

1. I hate being called by my really name of Kelly-Jayne, it makes me feel like a 5 year old hill-billy!
2. Winter is my favourite season, but I hate snow!
3. I dislike my daughters real name (I see a theme on that one!) and wish she had just Emmy on her birth certificate.
4. I spent 2 months in Malaysia as a teen and still feel like it is my spiritual second home.
5. I ran away from home at 16 and have moved 10 times and ended up in my childhood home 3 times!
6. I met my best friend aged 5 and still see her as much as possible even though we have literally nothing in common!
7. I have 2 big vices in life, nail polish and magazines.
8. Since meeting a load of fellow mad mum's at my daughters school gates I now have a circle of female friends for the first time in my life. 
9. I used to love staying up late and sleeping in late, now I love going to bed early and getting up late!
10. I HATE the country side, stingy nature and am a full on townie!
11. I can be thrown in a party and talk to anyone.
12. I didn't get to have a first dance at my wedding
13. I also knew said wedding was wrong but was too scared to say.
14. I never wanted children.
15. Having my kids has been the making of me!
16. I used to be a drug addict, shoplifter and fraudster, something people who know me now probably think I made up.
17. I would sell my soul for George Eads, the man is perfection!
18. I wear make-up as little as once a month but my nails are never bare.
19. Sometimes it scares me how much I become like my mum every day I get older!
20. I can not have baked beans on the same plate as steak as the bean juice will 'infect' the steak and taint the taste.
21. I have more self control than I ever though possible, but cannot seem to apply to losing weight. (But I WILL do it!)
22. I have an intense dislike of various shades of beige people seem to like decorating in and am a brights girl!
23. My current TV obsession is CSI, the Vegas one (nowt to do with George Eads!) even though I have seen nearly every episode. 
24. I would love to have a proper wedding one day.
25. My phobias include needles, thunder and clowns. Used to be balloons but I had to suck that up due to a party loving daughter!
26. I get too emotionally involved with my friends foster children and then get all devastated when they go!
27. I don't think I will ever learn to drive as much as I want to.
28. Sometimes I wonder when someone will realise I am not grown up enough to be trusted with two children.
29. Then I look in the mirror!
30. Someone was murdered with a hammer in a house share I lived in, had I not been in hospital I could have been murdered too since I was nosy!
31. I love baking but am too scared to make my own pastry!
32. Skiing holidays or a cruise would be my idea of hell
33. I am hoping at the grand old age of 33 to be going to my first festival where I will actually be staying in a tent rather than just driving for the day!
34. I hate camping
35. I am really rather narrow minded with music and rarely stray from heavy metal.
36. I acted like a 1 Direction fan when Burton C Bell from Fear Factory touched my hand at a gig and wanted to not wash my hand.
37. I rarely sit through a film and will read if I watch one on TV then have to keep running it back because I miss bits!
38. When I was younger I insisted I would never buy high end make-up, now high end makes up 90% of it!
39. If I had one wish in the world it would be that my son could talk. He can get by fine without walking etc but talking is one thing I would wish for him. 
40. Fact 39 always led me to say I would never wish for my youngest to shut up, but didn't bank on a kid that literally never shuts up!
41. I used to be a very accomplished liar and once told people I was a separated conjoined twin, and they believed me!
42. After one time of being arrested the police also told my mum how convincing a liar I was, thankfully I am far more honest now!
43. I cannot bear to be touched by strangers and cannot hear a word they say to me until they get off me!
44. One boyfriend ruined my self esteem when I was 18 and I never got it back. This makes me sad.
45. I am in complete denial that I am soon to be a mum to a 14 year old. 
46. I love shoes, with heels, but cannot walk in heels so take them off within a couple of hours! But it doesn't stop me buying them!
47. I used to want to be either a pathologist or work in an undertakers and I don't understand peoples fear of the dead when its the living you need to worry about.
48. I only ever remember nightmares and NEVER remember the nice ones
49. I was taught to dance by Len Goodman, that is my claim to fame. Far better than meeting Dean Gaffney!
50. The only reason I am not a full on goth is because my son is scared of me when I am!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

NOTD 2 True - Shade 6

When I went on a little drug store haul I knew I wanted to go to Superdrug, they hold a few lines that are always on special offer!

Including 2True, of course I was drawn to the Crystal nail polish and got 3 of them for £5, bargain!

This has a noticable duo chrome effect, flashing between orange and pink

I really liked the colour but the application was a bubbly nightmare!

Can you see the shift?

I didn't have the same issues with bubbling with the other 2 shades I got and didn't shake the bottle, so wouldn't be put off buying more if my local Superdrug EVER get more colours in stock!

2True is available from Superdrug stores for £1.99 each or 3 for £5 and are a real bargain!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

NOTD Sea Lore - Ariel

Ever bought a polish just for the name? I have a few! This one I got because my sister is a Little Mermaid fangirl! So much so that I donated my first purchase of this to her and had to get myself another one!

I loved this polish, a light green shimmery base, purple and green hex and red square glitter! Gorgeous!

I layered this over a black to prolong the mani underneath as I had no time to remove it! Next time I would use a similar basecoat to the green in this. Having said that this is two coats using the dabble method of glitter application and you can't see much black poking through!

Although this is a glitter polish, it is not a total glitter bomb as I know some people aren't as keen as me!

Sea Lore is available from here

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

NOTD Enchanted Polish - Ciao Milano

Ah, my heart rate rises when I look at these pictures! This is one of the prettiest polishes that still has a subtlety about it. 

This is a layering polish so I layered it over a speed dry inky blue for speed and added 2 coats of Ciao Milano. Needless to say the multi chrome kept me enthralled, especially when it was sunny!

A checkout girl at my pharmacy grabbed my hand and demanded to know where I got my nails 'done' and when I said I did them myself she wanted to know what polish it was, of course she was gutted when I said it was an Indie but told her where to buy!

When you have your hand flat this flashes green, blue, purple and a teal like colour


when you put your nails back you see a flash of orange, just visible on my middle finger

Enchanted polish is available here and of course at Llarowe but this polish is currently out of stock, sorry!