Monday, 9 July 2012

Night out eyes

I was meant to go out on Saturday night drinking and dancing, but two of my friends were unwell so it was called off, I know, sad face right? :(
But the night before I knew this, I was bored and alone so I decided to try out a couple of eye looks for the next evening, one of which I spotted on a fab make-up website
This fab bright, spring night out eye! 

For this eye I used MUA Pearl shadow shade 6 over the lid and used a damp brush in Shade 9 as a liner, I used a silver Light Show liner by Bare Minerals on the inner corner of my eye and Bare Minerals Curl and Lengthen mascara to finish off

This was my other option, a smoky eye using a beautiful blue palette. For this look I used all 4 colours from the Blue/Grey Shimmer Cubes from the Body Shop, the second lightest shade was used all over the lid up to just under the brow, then the lightest blue all over the lid and into the crease, the darkest blue dampened with my trusty brush and used to line top and bottom and the lightest shade was used to highlight under my brow and the inner corner of my eye. 

Finished off with a line of blackest eyeliner and smudged with the sponge end and all topped off with a big and volumising mascara which is not as good as my trusty Bare Minerals!

What is your go to night out make-up look?

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