Sunday, 15 July 2012

NOTD- Color Club Fashion Addict

Ever get a nail polish and googles swatches online? I do and in this instance I wish I hadn't!
When I got this I thought it was midly holographic and it looked similar to an OPI DS I have blogged on here, but no, the holo isn't as strong and did not match the google images.
Of course then I found out this is like OPI My Private Jet all over again! Some Holo, some not so

Clearly mine is a not so holo one! Although after wearing this for 3 days and finally getting the sun to take some pictures I was actually surprised by the small amount that did show up since this is pretty flat in grey daylight!

I tried my hardest to bring out the subtle holo shimmer as the next three pictures show! But alas this was a nightmare to photograph!

As you can see this is a pretty flat lilac polish in the regular light and to be honest I found it a little bit boring!

Application was good, no brush problems and no dragging, this was 3 coats as even though it wasn't particularly holo I still got very very annoying bald patches, which are evident on my middle and ring finger in the picture above even though I did three coats!

I got my polish in a swap but you might be lucky on ebay and get one, even the holo one if you are REALLY jammy! Also keep eyes peeled in TK Maxx as they sometimes do the sets in there, I myself have not been so lucky :( but I still go when feeling flush just in case! True polish addict eh?!