Sunday, 7 October 2012

NOTD - My first Indie polish!

The lovely Kate from Never Naked Nails sent me this little gem to try when I offered to review the Cutie-cle oil and nearly wet myself as so many indie polishes are sold out so quickly and usually being US based I am in bed when they are released!

This is Black Mamba Samba from the Lush Lizard collection soon to be released by Cool Waves Laquer and is a riot of glitter, holo, hexes, and prettiness! I did try this on its own but I prefer it as a layering polish as I hate visible nail line!

This is it over OPI Suzi Skis The Pyrenees and shot in sunlight and also slightly blurry to really show the small holo particles

This also contained small flecks of matte black glitter which you can just see on my ring finger

Needless to say I couldn't stop staring at this and wore it until my tips wore away!

Even non blurry shots of this are so pretty, it reminded me of a night sky!

Ah, so dreamy!

Best shot I could get of this inside!

This also featured large matte black hex glitters but over black you cannot see these! Next post over white will show them off!

These polishes are not yet available but keep an eye on Never Naked Nails Facebook page to keep updated!

I am also waiting for something really special to show you guys that I have purchased from Kate recently and am awaiting delivery for!

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