Thursday, 4 August 2011


Ok, so I am not standing on a kitchen chair saying this, nor in fact, am I actually shouting out loud as Caitlin Moran says, but hey, it says it loud and clear in cyberspace!

Now to be honest, feminism is not something I have really taken much notice of, nor think of myself as a feminist. That was until I started reading How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran.

This book has had me nodding, laughing and generally agreeing with everything written. Journalism job aside, it appears we have similarities in many areas.
Some I will not share! But I shall say that I have never and will never let anyone near me with a tub of hot wax!

It has to be said that this woman is now my icon, both in her ways and her style. I have often felt less of a woman for being unable to walk in heels, even though I too, have numerous pairs languishing, barely or unworn in my cupboard. If Caitlin can wear her boots with pride, then my DM's shall be my winter staples. Along with opaques, dresses that cover my arms and my trusty cardy! This is me, and I have someone to have an affinity with. This makes me gloriously happy. Yes, I still read womens magazines and may still hanker after a heel, but lets face it, I look stupid in them, especially after my 5th vodka and Diet Coke!
The fact she also mentions running trousers as her most flattering, was, in all honesty ever so slightly scary! Numerous times I have wanted to wear them instead of tights on a night out, purely because they pull me in and up and I lose at least one dress size!

Reading this book is really changing how I feel about myself, how I look, how I dress and just how I am. I am me, I like what I like and apart from some extra weight, I am starting to like the 'grown up' I have been trying to run away from for most of my adult life thus far.
It feels odd to have found someone famous who I can truly look up to, who is, in most part pretty normal, straight talking, no bull shit and hugely likeable and funny.

I do wish that my delinquent, teenage self had been filled with working at such cool places though!

My plea to Caitlin, WRITE MORE BOOKS, please!!!

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