Sunday, 30 October 2011

Do you struggle with foundation?

Me too, well I did until I got my mitts on some bareMinerals by bareEscentuals. I am 31 and have been wearing make-up for roughly 19 of those years. I have spent many years and much money finding the perfect foundation. Usually my skin is adequately covered with just a touch of concealer and a dusting of powder, but for nights out and for those times when I needed that bit more cover.
I have had countless foundations over the years, powder, creme to powder, liquid and all sorts of brands, seriously every year I chuck out at least 2 or 3 as I buy them, try them and they fester in my make up kit until they eventually separate and go skanky!

I have tried 3 different brands of mineral powder make-up and have had troubles with coverage, and the one that provided me with coverage made me want to tear my face off as it irritated me so so much!

Step forward bareMinerals! I must admit that the older I get, the more I am willing to spend on make-up! It is paying off. I have currently got Original foundation, Mineral Veil and Warmth.
Application was easy as, it was such a small amount of foundation that I tried and I was astonished when I looked in the mirror, the coverage was astounding! I have always had a bug bear with my ruddy complexion but even this was covered.

You just shake a bit into the lid, swirl the brush, tap it and buff onto the face. It is quick, faultless and amazing. Mineral Veil is not needed, but it gave me a bit of extra against the shiny nose. It also seemed to give me a luminosity that I have never had.

Warmth scared me, I was taken a-back when I saw it in the pot but the teeniest amount for me (I am pale) just put a bit of life and well, warmth into my face.

My complexion was so even that for the first time in my life I felt happy to wear blusher! I had the make-up on for a few hours and still looked great when I got home, and not once did my face itch!

I think this will be my forever foundation!

bareMinerals is available from Debenhams, QVC they also have an online shop and they have a couple of Boutique shops too, which I so want to visit!


  1. I have ALWAYS struggled with foundation - it's just a joke ha-ha I never find the perfect shade for me. I will definitely try this mineral stuff out it sounds like it could be a miracle (fingers crossed!)


  2. I have been told that I should visit a bareEscentuals counter, they can tell you the best colour for you as they vary in warmth but I have two to try anyway and the Try Me kits you can get online all have 2 shades in (along with other bits and brushes!) well worth a visit, dragging Mr Mad with me to get me some for Christmas :D