Thursday, 19 January 2012

So drum roll please....... my weigh in

Went to Weight Watchers yesterday, I knew I had lost and thought, being first week and all that it would be about 3-4lb.

So tentatively removed all my baggage, believe me when I say that if the sight of my in my scanties wouldn't cause me to kill the elderly in the class then I would be standing on those scales in my kecks! I was scared, always am, no matter how good or bad a week I have had I am scared. Witless! Although being a morning weigh in the shaking may have been more to do with a lack of food and of course my caffeine fix that I normally have 2 or 3 shots of before 9.30!

So there I was, standing on the scales and I nearly pass out, I look at the number and am in total disbelief, I don't think the babble that came out after made a blind bit of sense to the woman weighing me......

I was 16st 1.5lb, if you follow my blog you will know that last week I was 16st 8lb. So I lost 6.5lb, me, really now?!

As awful as this will sound, I am now petrified the scales were wrong and that next week I might show a gain as it was wrong this week. Silly eh, but having done all manner of diets, healthy eating plans, exercise plans etc I have lost more on this first week than I have ever done, even when I used to live on diet coke and little else.

But I guess time will tell, as long as I am super good this week then next week should see a result, maybe I will get my first silver 7!

Are any of you doing new years weight loss plans?