Saturday, 14 January 2012

I took the plunge....

A week earlier than I was meant to, but I got a voucher in the post for a free meeting and registration for Weight Watchers and on Wednesday at 9.50am I looked on the site to see when and where my nearest class was for the following week, only to see that there was one starting at 10am at my local leisure centre!
In a fit of spontaneity I leapt up, grabbed my bits and almost flew to the place! Was nervous as heck, but I did it, am all signed up and really, really enjoying being back on the plan. I know it like an old friend and find that it really helps me.

So, *big breath* my starting weight is 16st 8lb. Before Christmas I was 16st 12lb, so not bad little head start!
Each week, hopefully on a Wednesday I shall blog my ups and downs and how I am finding the plan

Here is to me being on track and staying there :)

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