Monday, 9 January 2012

What do you think of blogging? (amazing new launch inside!)

Clearly I am pretty new to blogging. I did have one 5 years ago, but no-one really new what it was and it fell by the wayside.
Recently I was inspired to start a new one, not just about beauty products but mainly as it is something I love. At first I was kind of embarrassed, only asked people to follow who I knew wouldn't laugh but now I love it and happily get my link out there.

There are a few people who have been doing it for a long time and their blogs have really bought them amazing notoriety, one such personis Zoe from the great
So influential is her blog that ReeRee Rockette and Zoe have collaborated to make a limited edition lipstick! ReeRee is a massive fan of social media and this lipstick was designed to celebrate that love.

The shade is called ZOMG! A mix of Zozo's name and the widely used OMG! Zozo and ReeRee worked hard to create the perfect colour and the shade chosen will suit most people but will be particularly great for pale skins, I myself cannot wait as I adore blue based pinks!

ZOMG! Will be available on the 31st of January priced £14 exclusively at

This is the amazing lipstick on Zozo, model Banbury Cross and ReeRee Rockette, all 3 are sporting the shade ZOMG! and all look amazing!

Zozo and ReeRee, the perfect combination for a collaboration

Zozo with her lipstick, how amazing is that?!

The achingly cool ReeRee, who owns the Rockalily site.

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