Saturday, 4 February 2012

Comparison - Leighton Denny Meteor Match vs OPI Katy Perry Not Like The Movies

I will admit that when it comes to nail polish I have a slight obsession with duo chromes, in fact I luffs them lots and happily tilt my nails this way and that to see the changes. So when I got my mitts on Meteor Match I was so excited.

Sadly it fell flat for me, a beautiful polish, pale blue one way, light lilac the other and studded with teeny glitter that looks like stars. 3 coats for full coverage the duo chrome just didn't do it for me.

Then I got Not Like The Movies from Katy Perry's collaboration with OPI and my heart swelled! This shows index and ring finger with Not Like the Movies and Pinky and middle finger with Meteor Match.

In this pic the OPI is lilac and the Leighton Denny is pale blue.

In this the OPI is green and the Leighton Denny is ever so slightly lilac.

This picture really captures the obvious changes in the OPI whereas the Leighton Denny is much more subtle.

Lilac, can you see the starry night type glitter?

Green (how many times do you think I might have wiggled my fingers in the light?!)

Overall, I love the Leighton Denny polish, but it was just too pale for me and the duo chrome not evident enough. I got the effect and colour I wanted with the OPI which also has the tiny, starry night type glitter which sadly is not apparent in most of the pictures. The OPI coated my nails in 2 coats, dried as quick as you like and lasted 6 days with just tip wear before I changed my polish!

Again, being from a collection (sorry about that!) the OPI is only available on ebay.
Metoer Match is available on QVC and Leighton Denny's website

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