Saturday, 11 February 2012

NOTD - Leighton Denny Your Planet Or Mine

I have been lemming onn this polish for months. Hard. So hard I might have followed other lemmings off a cliff to get my paws on it.
On the one hand the colour is as divine as I expected, you can see in this picture that the most prominent colour is a deep, shimmer laden green.

Oh and did I mention this is a duochrome? Probably why I was so desperate to get it! Here you can see if I tilt my hand slightly the purple becomes obvious. Leighton himself describes this colour as a 'petrol on water' effect, and I can totally see what he means, I remember being fascinated by petrol on puddles when I was a child, seeing the mesmorising mix of colours. Maybe that is why I lust duochromes so much!

This photo shows the duotones melding into one another on a few of my nails. Pretty!

Whilst I did adore this polish, application was a nightmare! Maybe I am spoilt by OPI wide brushes that thinner ones are harder for me now! It took up to 4 coats on some nails to get the coverage and finish I wanted, but once on wear was minimal, I have had this on for 10 days now, never has a polish captured my heart so much that I am willing to add an extra 2 coats to cover up sign of wear!

Your Planet or Mine is part of the Atmospheric Autumn/Winter 2011 range and available to buy from Leighton Denny, QVC and amazon

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