Sunday, 19 February 2012

NOTD - OPI DS Diamond

First off I must apologise for this review as this is a rare and hard to find polish now. If you are lucky you might find it on ebay, good luck with that!

This polish was so so hard to photograph while capturing the holo, it is a holo but it is subtle. It is a beautiful dusky lilac with a subtle rainbow holo and diamond dust.

This picture shows me testing the OPI Nicki Minaj Super Bass Shatter, plus a cheeky repair on a split so ring finger not looking its best! My pinkie finger shows the immense shine from this polish, I didn't use a topcoat as I felt it would ruin the glorious finish on this polish.

More shimmery sparkles in the sun, yes folks, the UK has sun!

I can detect the holo on my middle finger in this picture, see? Subtle but there.

Again I think I *just* captured the holo on the thumb here. Considering my previous history of using a holo with no topcoat (oh hi chips, 3 hours and already here!) I am impressed. I used 3 thin coats to give me an opaque finish and drying time was impressive and so smooth. Far easier than the Gosh holo! This picture is day 3 and all there is is minor tipwear.

The newer Designer range are still infused with diamond dust but do not have the holo from what I have heard. But I am still lemming hard for Magic and Radiance. Nearly my birthday so think they may be a purchase!


  1. It is, I wish they wouldn't 'retire' colours so readily!

  2. I love the shatter, really nice colours!


  3. I tried to like shatters, but to me they just look liked chipped nail varnish! I also tried the magnetic trend and wasn't impressed.

    I am very fussy with my nails hehe