Friday, 24 February 2012

New Years Resolutions - mini update

So, already it is nearing the end of February! How did THAT happen? Is it just me or is the time just whizzing by? In tow days I am actually going to be the mother of a bona fide teenager, a real life 13 year old eeeeeekkkk!

Anyway, I thought every now and then I would update on how my resolutions are coming along. So here it is...

To be nicer to myself.

Hmm. Well not much I can say on this one. I am still quite negative about myself and am trying to stop, hard habit to break though! I am though, having earlier nights, drinking less and eating better. my old favourite resolution too - better skin care routine, well actually starting one would be good!

To Be more healthy.

This one is actually going quite well so far. 11lb off since mid January isn't bad going if I say so myself *big grin* I am also trying to add more vegetables and fruit into my diet. Veg is not something I enjoy at all, so this is proving tough. But the fruit is easier. Shall really knuckle down soon and pick up on exercising again. The nicer weather has made me want to get out and walk and sometimes run, but baby steps - walking lots first.

To be more selective.

Again this has not gone so well, still not getting the beauty boxes and do sometimes feel like I missed out a little! But the past two months have seen me paying off various money that I owed people. Birthdays too has left a skint me! But I did get some bargainous OPI polishes, so that is a start!

To Get My Relationship back.

Well tis one got way worse before it got better. But things are better, much much better. Hopefully things will continue to get better now we both know we want to be together and want to work at things.

I started my TA job, I like it, pop paracetomol on my return home but hey ho! I am already being given more responsibility with some of the children.

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