Tuesday, 13 March 2012

NOTD - OPI Your Royal Shine-ness

I was so excited when I got this polish, but on receiving it I was a little disappointed, its a pretty bog standard silver foil

I was expecting brush strokes and ridges galore with this as many foil formulas highlight every little sin your nails may have! That wasn't the case with this and it looks pretty spectacular in direct sunlight

I thought that I could see teeny, and I mean teeny, coloured shimmer within the silver base but thought my eyes were playing tricks until I did these two close up shots with the light on them! Shame they weren't more apparent in real life but then maybe they aren't meant to be and its a trick of the light :)

Wear has been good, still looking good 5 days post application with minimal tipwear, the shine has dulled so if you want to wear it longer a topcoat on day 3 would refresh it. All the above pictures have no topcoat

Your Royal Shine-ness is avalable at QVC Lena White and Amazon

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