Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NOTD - Kleancolor Blind Date

Sorry to bring you another US polish, but browse ebay!
I loved this the second I saw it and it didn't disappoint in the bottle

But alas it was a right royal pain to get on, to get the stars on the nail I had to blob them on which made the nail messy as when trying to level it out it just dragged the stars off the nail!

Next time I use it I shall pour some out and apply with a pin like implement!

I couldn't feel any annoyance of the stars on the nail but after this and a coat of quick drying topcoat I had to remove it as it was blobby and uneven!

Here it is layered over Revlon Steel Her Heart


  1. That mani is awesome! I love it! The stars are such amazing glitters x

  2. They are but really hard! I am going to go to a craft shop and get some shapes and try that and just use top coat!