Saturday, 28 July 2012

More Feet inside - an update on my file!

You may remember I got sent a foot file to test and I shockingly added pictures of my most hated body part here. I hate all feet bar babies so heaven knows how I will cope when I qualify to do pedicures, gah!

Anyway enough of that, on to the file ! I think this did a great job, it got rid of the hard bits, scraggly bits and all I have problem with now is dry feet but I didn't use moisturiser as I wanted to give this a shot on its own to test its effectiveness.

The worst bit of hard skin I get is on my ball, never got this until years of dancing on hard floors and it never went away, but with regular filing it has gone!

Overall I am really impressed with the file, it will last a long time and only needs a rinse under water to get it back to full effectiveness. 

My file was sent to me for review and all views are my own, you can purchase them from

Well worth it and check out the rest of the beautiful crystal adorned things such as compact mirrors, tweezers, keyrings and even brushes!

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