Saturday, 4 August 2012


Morning lovely followers! I would say thank goodness it's the weekend but being a stay at home mum, and it being the summer holidays the days all meld into one!

Today I have another polish from the much loved and rather expensive OPI Designer Series!

This here is Bold, a red polish with red and silver glitter, when I say glitter I mean this is loaded with the stuff!

On my skin tone I felt this pulled pink rather than red but that may also be the silver glitter making it less of a full on red

This truly sparkles in the sun, in fact it sparkles all the time but in the sun it really is a glitter bomb!

Application was so so, the glitter made it drag so had to load the brush quite well, I also had to run my finger across the free edge of my nail to clear the poky bits of glitter hanging off the end!

Removal wasn't too bad, the tin foil method had it off in 5 minutes per hand but I did have to scrape off a few stubborn bits of glitter that refused to budge otherwise!

I got this with my much loved Magic polish from the lovely but honestly I would not pay £16.75 a bottle for this on its own. I thought that compared to some of the other amazing DS shades that this seemed to feel more like a regular OPI polish!

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