Saturday, 18 August 2012

NOTD- Extending a lovely manicure!

Well, this is my first go of kind of gradient nails, these are nowhere near as good as the gradients I have seen with block colours! 

But I loved A Englands Lady Of The Lake so much that when I got tip wear I really didn't want to take it off so decided to add some glitter, then thought I would try gradient!

The gradient is lower than I wanted as I didn't find the best way to do this until my second hand so I went back and did it again! I used China Glaze Prism for the tips and it was so thick that the nest way for the gradient effect was to do it from the tips and drag down so the glitter disperses down the nail

This was my favourite nail! Rubbish shot as it was on my right hand and camera skills with my left hand are not my forte!

Excuse my ravaged skin, can't seem to find any cream or oil to help!

This was a great way to extend my mani, even if it was a pickle to remove, but that is all to be revealed in my next post......

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  1. lovely! and I have both of these so I shall have to give this a try