Monday, 20 August 2012

Cheap find! Pound shop version of.....

Bourjois 1 Second polish remover! I have yet to try that as I remove polish so much I just buy a cheap bottle of remover from Sainsbury's and £6 on a remover when I can get polish, well, the polish wins!

So I frequent my towns new Poundshop after finding a couple of Sally Hansen gems so go in after a restock, one day this caught my eye!

As some of you know removing glitter can be a pain, even if it is over a base coat, 2 coats of regular polish and a topcoat so I really did test this to its full potential!

Now, being a bit cheap it stunk to high heaven and the sponge was a bit meh! 

Wrong finger for the last shot but this is basically what you do, you put your finger in, leave it a few seconds, and as the name says, twist and pull!

Overall I am pretty impressed! I will say that I did have to kind of smoosh my nails round the sides to lift off the glitter properly and some nails took a few seconds of keeping them in the pot but it worked as well as my foil method! 

If removing glitter you will need to wash your hands thoroughly as the glitter in the pot transferred to my fingers haha!

For £1 this is a bit of a gem and one I will stock up on again!

Check your Poundshops (the official one!) and see what make-up gems you can find!

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