Sunday, 25 November 2012

My new handbag!

Slight departure from nails today and a pretty quick post. Not been able to blog for a while as been crazy busy getting ready for Christmas! Today I also have a little girl with a tummy bug :(

This was featured on a great blog you should read and I fell in love and ordered straight away! 

Each bag is hand drawn and its is so cute! It opens and closes with the magnet as below, which is good as I hate faffing with buckles! 

It only has one compartment inside but I am pretty basic and have my keys, purse and my phone which will go in the back pocket as pictured below so I can get to it easily without rummaging!

My daughters first words on seeing my new bag? 'Can I colour it it?' Er no! The fact they are hand drawn by Helen gives each one a unique flair and no two are the same! 

This is amazing value at only £29 AND free delivery! 

Available at Helen Rochfort

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