Sunday, 25 November 2012

NOTD Hits - Cutie Pie

Ok, so second post for me today since this polish has had so many enquiries it would be rude not to blog it!

Behold the glorious of Cutie Pie! If a polish makes your non cosmetic mum go 'oh my god how did you do that to your nails?' you know its a winner!

Cutie Pie is an amazing multichrome, shifting from blue to purple here...

An amazing green here....

Even just keeping your hand still it shifts from green to blur to purple!

Ahhhh so dreamy and yet not a hint of glitter!

if you move your hand a certain way this takes on a rosy tone that sometimes looks gold but my camera couldn't catch that!

The bottle makes me think of a petrol on water effect but hyped up!

This shot shows the green, blue and purple all on one hand!

This polish was purchased as part of a set from Llarowe but perhaps unsurprisingly both the set and single bottle are out of stock but keep an eye out as it may be back!

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