Monday, 31 December 2012

NOTD Dollish Polish - It's A Me Mario!

Happy New Years Eve! Any plans? My plans involve staying in! Weather is pretty horrendous and everywhere is expensive! My Sky+ box is currently recording a load of Friends episodes so might enjoy them with a bottle of fizz!

Anyhoo, today's nail features a polish I wasn't sure I would get my mitts on when it was released! As much as I love Llarowe I am not one of the crazy ones who wait for the release and go mad trying to buy! So when I had money and wanted to purchase I browsed the makes and saw THIS!

Dollish was the first Indie maker I heard of and I now have quite the collection!

This is an awesome polish, a clear base (I used Sally Hansen Ruby Rush for undies) with red, blue and turquoise hex glitters and some amazing holo stars! 

The stars were hit and miss. The stars on my ring and pinky fingers were ones I fished out and placed on so you can see them clearly. 

The ones on my index and middle fingers came out with no help so annoyingly for me got covered with the red and blue glitters!

This is my right hand, hence the rubbish photo! I managed to get at least one star on each nail, getting the stars out was simply a case of replacing the cap and turning over for a few seconds and a few dips and inspections of the brush!

I do not like the feel of glittery polishes so when Leah Ann from Llarowe offered to send me Glitter Food by Nail Pattern Boldness I said yes straight away and it is great! It dries to a satin finish so may do some matte mani's with it soon! Glitter literally sucks it up and makes a smooth base for topcoats!

Both Dollish Polish and Nail Pattern Boldness are available from Llarowe!


  1. wow. i've been thinking about ordering from dollish for a while

    1. They are well worth it! I get mine from Llarowe, brilliant site and you can get lots of indie makes in one place!