Saturday, 2 February 2013

NOTD Sea Lore - Ariel

Ever bought a polish just for the name? I have a few! This one I got because my sister is a Little Mermaid fangirl! So much so that I donated my first purchase of this to her and had to get myself another one!

I loved this polish, a light green shimmery base, purple and green hex and red square glitter! Gorgeous!

I layered this over a black to prolong the mani underneath as I had no time to remove it! Next time I would use a similar basecoat to the green in this. Having said that this is two coats using the dabble method of glitter application and you can't see much black poking through!

Although this is a glitter polish, it is not a total glitter bomb as I know some people aren't as keen as me!

Sea Lore is available from here