Sunday, 21 August 2011

I have a crush......

A girl crush to be exact!

Cherry first came to my attention in the BBC3 documentary about female drinking, and since then I have watched all of her programmes since. She has taken over from Dawn Porter and Anna Richardson as my favourite, down to earth tv presenter.

She is so so likeable, and appears to relate to everyone, you can see that everyone she interviews from the rich, poor, old, young and all the extremes of people she meets just seem to adore her.
Her issues in the shows range from parenting, marriage, childbirth, money and body issues. All things that concern modern women these days, especially those of a similar age to Cherry. Which is me!
She has the ability to make me laugh, a lot, and cry, a lot and nod my head, a lot! She is willing to do some crazy things for the show, be at a home birth, hitch hike for 5 hours. Rummage in bins and the funniest, being wagged up by a load of wannabe wags!

Cherry is someone that you could really imagine being friends with and I think that helps hugely when it comes to good tv presenters. Down to earth, funny without trying too hard and natural with everyone, and very very brave!

Her series is currently running on BBC3, Mondays at 9pm

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