Monday, 22 August 2011

Simple - day 4

The wipes. Well I turned the packet upside down as I said in my last post and it has made so much difference. It has made the wipes so much more effective. They feel really rather refreshing and leave skin feeling really clean and fresh, although they were used this morning on a make-up free face.
I still think the toner is not worth that extra step. Although having said that I guess if you are a lazy moo like me and use wipes instead of a facial wash then its no bad thing to tone, just to get skin that extra bit clean.
The moisturiser. Hmm. It is nice enough, but being a 31 year old mother of two kids, who doesn't sleep well I feel that it is just too, er, Simple! It is what I would imagine would be a perfect moisturiser for those who are young, wrinkle free and fresh faced! But I feel that my skin needs more softening, hard working ingredients, ones that I can really feel working and keep the smoothness going all day. This appears to lose its softening powers after a few hours. The more I use it, the less time it keeps my face hydrated and soft.
I will carry on with it for a few more days, otherwise it will go in the travel pack and be taken on holiday, being travel sized and all!

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