Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Soap and Glory essentials

Every Christmas for 3 or maybe 4 years I receive at least one present that upon unwrapping contains the iconic blank and pink packaging of a Soap and Glory gift set, and my heart always soars as it is my favourite body care brand.

For years I have been a chop and changer when it comes to shower stuff, body lotions and creams and often get seduced by something new and shiny with promises of sparkle, softness, moisture, firming, yada yada yada.

Soap and Glory is one brand that I use 99% of the time and buy it as well as wait for my gift box, which having a great mum, is usually the biggest gift set in Boots!

My favourites are

This is heaven. The smell is divine and it is packed full of exfoliating granules, which I love! It is like a spa strength scrub and it really zings up my skin and the oils in are really moisturising too. The scent lasts for hours. 9 hours post shower and my arms are still soft and fragrant. A must buy for lovers of body scrubs!

This has the same fragrance as the Flake Away scrub and is a gorgeous rich and buttery (who'd a thunk it?!) texture and is readily absorbed without being greasy. I tend to use this more in the colder months, when the scrub and mositure rich body wash won't really cut it alone.
A little goes a long way, although the pot makes it tempting to just dive in and scoop out a handful!

Again, the same Original Pink fragrance. This is a lovely body wash and lathers up really well if you use the body puff (there own super sized puff is amazing!) Skin is left feeling soft and sweet, and in warmer months I find I don't need to follow on with a body moisturiser.

This is a fairly new S&G product. I got it in a gift pack as being a devoted Flake Away fan I would have other wise ignored this! It smells like breakfast, in all honesty the name gives that away but I wasn't expecting it to smell of sweet, honeyed porridge!
It is a nice scrub, it is not as hardcore as Flake Away, so people of a softer nature will love it. It is amazingly softening, thanks to the oats, shea and honey.

Now for my fail safe, speedy shower cream!

This is the bees knees. I adore it, it smells fresh and fab, and totally different to the Original Pink, which I love but sometimes want a fresh scent. This lathers up a treat, using a fairly small 10p sized blob. I use a body puff but once that is lathered and I have bubbled up I also rub with my hands, and this releases little blobs of moisturiser and it feels totally amazing! Skin is hydrated and radiant once out of the shower and dry. A fail safe that appears to be off the Boots website, and S&G's. Which is concerning!

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