Sunday, 28 August 2011

Autumn is a-coming!

My favourite time of year is upon us. This is generally when I think about resolutions and new starts. The kids back to school, well one going back and one going to big school *sob*, for me it signifies the 'real' new start and I am aware that many mums agree with me!

So I have a few things I want to do/change/organise etc and here is where I will list them, I mean, if I write them down then I have to keep to my word, right?!

1. Today it has occured to me that I have beauty stuff everywhere, literally everywhere. Upstairs bathroom I never use? Check. In my room where I never actually apply make-up, body moisturisers etc? Check. On my mini bookshelf? Check. Mini cupboard of doom? Check.
Living room windowsill? Downstairs bathroom cabinet? Big pink box? Check, check and check.

I have a month where the kids are at school and I have not much to do until my college course starts. Soooooo, I shall sort out my beauty bits, chuck stuff that I don't use, bring my make-up downstairs, sort out all the little sachets I have yet to sample and review and have proper places for my stuff.

2. Start running again. This is a MUST. Truly.

3. Be braver with make-up. I want, no need a rich berry and my perfect red for my lips. I want to find a beautiful pallet with colours I will use for different things. Not just one where I will use one colour and ignore the rest.

4. Keep my nails looking shipshape, I love a dark nail in Autumn, heck, I have been rocking dark hues for 2 weeks considering our summer has all but gone. I will admit to the heinous crime of not removing chipped polish. Even picking at chipped polish. No more of that thank you very much.

5. LOOK AFTER MY SKIN. Yes, I am shouting at myself, for years, yes actual years, I have promised myself that I will cleanse, tone, moisturise twice a day. It is 5 minutes, 5 minutes that even I can find and never seem to. I guess its just something I don't do enough to make it a habit. Must fix this. 31 nearly 32 and my face is showing it!

6. Try more treatments. I would love a facial and I endeavour to try one one day. I also need to make time, and money for regular threading. I don't do much or spend much on myself and I really should make more of myself.

7. Another shameful one. Stop sleeping in make-up. I know, I know, I can hear the tutting from here. Big crime, lock me up and make me promise to not be lazy. Its not like I even do it in extreme 10 sambucca nights, its literally forgetting I have the bliddy stuff on!

8. Do something with my hair. Currently I dye my hair black every 8-12 weeks. I wear it in a ponytail every day. *Yawn*

So there we have it, my list. Come December I shall see if I have managed any of this - hmmm


  1. I'm really bad at doing a skincare routine morning and night too! Doing it at night isn't a problem, but I only remember to moisturise in the morning. Sometimes.

    It's worth investing in a spray toner though. Only takes a second then, which cuts down the skincare routine time :)

  2. I generally tend to skip toning as I double cleanse mostly, but if I have worn foundation I tend to use it.
    Really need to be better with my skin though, as I get older I am noticing more grey/dullness *sob*