Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cetuem SCR Gold mask and face cream

I got some samples in my Boudoir Prive box, good way to try things you wouldn't normally such as this range!
The mask smells heavenly! Although when putting it on, it felt odd to have such a grainy face mask, but then you do have to massage it in before leaving it on so its where the brightening, read, exfoliating comes in I guess! I left the mask for 25 minutes, it did dry but didn't set hard like some so was not uncomfortable at all.
The removal was a pain! It said to use cotton wool pads but I am glad I didn't as it would have taken a whole pack! I used my muslin cloth and had to rinse and rinse and rinse, in the end I had to splash my face 6 times to get the grains off! My overall impression is positive, my skin actually did look fresh and bright, would I pay for the full price product? I am on the fence for now, I still have a good 2 or 3 applications in the tube so will finish it and see how my skin fairs after a month of weekly usage.

The Face cream on the other hand, smells horrible, obviously different people like different things, but for me its a little strong and a bit 'old' smelling. It is bringing me some memories, but not ones that I remember, mainly of my nan! Having said that, my face feels amazing! Its soft without feeling at all greasy and my skin feels really lovely. Would I pay £45 for it. No, I don't think I could, the smell really puts me off and to be honest my Liz Earle collection from QVC cost less than that and have a cleanser, toner and moisturiser for £38!

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