Sunday, 26 February 2012


Ok, so I was going to review the new Estee Lauder BB Cream today, but I have a nasty bout of conjunctivitis! Perils of working in a school I guess.

Instead, I have another nail post.

Today this post features Fly from the OPI and Nicki Minaj collection. This after Metallic 4 Life was one that really caught my eye

It is a glorious teal creme polish, part of me was a little disappointed at it is not as blue as it is in this pictures and in fact all pictures I have seen of this have shown it to be bluer than it is in real life!

Application was a dream, OPI formulas for their cremes are honestly second to none, I could have got away with two coats here but went for three to fix them up a bit after spotting some cotton wool stuck in two nails!

See the shine on the middle finger nail? Believe it or not this is with no top coat! I think I will add a topcoat today purely to protect the polish, it certainly doesn't need any help in the shine department!

I think this shows how smoothly this applies on the nail. This is over two coats of Nail Envy which I use as a basecoat.

Even in the shade you can see the shine!

Fly is available from Lena White Amazon and in a mini set from QVC

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