Sunday, 4 March 2012

NOTD - Zoya Tao

Today's polish is from the Zoya collection, Smoke and Mirrors from Autumn 2011. I do love new nail polish but sometimes the new collections drive me mad as often they have many that I seriously end up lemming after, then boom - another new collection alert! Either that or like OPI they end up being removed from the range and end up seriously hard to get!

Anyhoo, this is from the Mirrors part of the collection and when this says taken in sunlight, that was kind of a lie since the sun was not really playing ball!

I had been after this polish for a while, but was really disappointed.

It was streaky and showed up brushstrokes, a big hate of mine. It wasn't a true metallic so really the brush strokes are pretty unforgivable!

Length wise, I think the fact I had to use 3 coats to even it out left it susceptible to chips and by the end of day one I had to patch up two nails.

It is a shame I don't like this, I love pewter polishes and this one would have been perfect had it been ever so slightly shinier and nicer to apply. This does have teeny tiny particles of pink and green micro glitter.

Overall I would not purchase the full size of this. But it doesn't put me off Zoya and I have never been disappointed before, this was just a dud for me.
Zoya is hard to find in the UK but ebay have some reputable sellers and it is available here but I have not used them so look up reviews first.

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  1. That's one gorgeous + unique colour! Absolutely love it :)