Friday, 2 March 2012

Nail Rock Nail Wraps

These have been floating around in my nail polish collection for a while, I would get them out, look at them and decide they looked like too much work!

But look how great they look on!

This is my right hand, applied with my left hand. Not quite so smooth as the ones on my left hand!

This is after just 8 hours of doing stuff in the day!

The ends really annoyed me, I mean REALLY annoyed me, catching on my hair, my hand bag, my cardigan, just annoying!

This is them less than 24 hours after applying!

So my overall impressions? I adored the look, I have no patience for nail art with brushes and stamping etc, so these are an easy ish way to achieve the look.
Application wise, they are pretty easy. They do take longer than polishing but obviously you don't have drying time! I did find that the sizes in here were not any good for me, I had to trim them all down as my nails are thin.

They do claim these last up to 10 days if you are careful, and they did stick well in fact they were hard to peel off! But they felt too thick for me. I would try the Metallic Silver ones for a night out.

For £6.95 you get 16 stickers, only really worth 1 application if you have long nails like me. A pack of 20 would be much nicer, and I think they should be available in different widths.

Nail Rock Wraps are available from Boots


  1. I did an identical look with black base and cocktail stick dipped in white nail polish, honestly it's so easy and fool proof and far less fiddly than wraps! Polkadots are the best way to start with nailart..try it!

  2. I love some of the more intricate designs so when I got these in a beauty box I really wanted to give them a go, but yes could do this design myself without the rubbish feeling!

  3. I love the lacey ones and metallic ones..I was around in the 80s when women would pay a fortune for the gold plated nails. Just too fiddly. Try and get hold of foil tapes. Ebay it, its a super patterned metallic foil, wafer thin and it sticks to wet base coat or acrylic glue. No filing required, but looks stunning

  4. Argos used to sell a nail art kit with amazing foils in, still kick myself for not getting them when I worked there!