Thursday, 1 March 2012

Weigh in...... week 8

Yep, big fat nothing. Stayed the same at 15st 11lb. But I am happy with that. Which may sound odd, but you know what? This week has been a pretty crap week food wise.
I felt a little out of control, especially on Sunday when Callum turned 13 and there was Marks and Spencers birthday cake, not Colin the Caterpillar but glorious fondant icing covered vanilla sponge. I promise I am not really drooling while typing this (note, I break promises easily!) But this is also a week where yes, I ate the wrong things, but instead of just giving up and having a total binge I just cut down on other things in the day time.

Back to it this week, can get my 5% next week if I lose another 1lb. Only 3lb to my next sparkly 7 as well. One month until my birthday and I would like to lose enough to get a new dress!

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