Sunday, 17 June 2012

L'oreal Rouge Caresse

I have decided that I do too many posts featuring just my nails or my whole face, so thought I should start doing a few more in depth posts on face make-up and thought I would start with my newest purchase.

 I have had an interest in these since seeing the advert as I am not keen on the infamous Revlon lip Butters! I decided to take a shot at the amazing deal for two of these on Buyapowa as I definitely wanted Cheeky Magenta after swatching it on my hand recently and also like a light pink

 Swatched on the hand Fashionista Pink was a bit meh, it didn't float my boat


My face is totally bare as I just swatched the lippies, so excuse the crater like pores!


Fashionista Pink is a really light pink on the lips, Not sure how long this would stay on the lip but it does feel

lovely and light

 This for me is the star of the set! I want to be braver with my lip shades and feel like this is a perfect step into brighter, funkier lip colours but without being in your face.


Rouge Caresse is available from all good cosmetics retailers and is available in 10 shades RRP £7.99 but currently 3 for 2 at Boots!


  1. these look really nice, great review x

    1. they really are, they feel so light! Trying to get back into lipsticks and this is a nice in between ha!