Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mont Bleu Foot File *WARNING* feet pics included!

This is the first part of a two part post.

Now I live in Birkenstocks on summer and DM's or Trainers in winter, none of these are especially good for keeping my trotters smooth, that and total lack of doing anything to them apart from the odd lick of polish on my toes!

I was contacted by Mont Bleu to test a product and I went for a foot file, not thinking about having to post horrible pictures of my feet!

Loooooook! Isn't it pretty?!

So this is my unkempt feet, oh the shame!

I fell in love with this design and its too cute! Comes in a lovely velvet pouch and is made of glass, a bit like my nail files!

This was a bit harder to picture but the file was excellent on my hard skin and this is the file after, it was covered! Run under the tap and leave to dry to recharge its powers ha!

This is the dust on my feet!

There will be a follow up post in a few weeks after some use every 3-4 days and hopefully we shall see some improvement to my horrible feet!

This products was sent to me for review, I received no payment and all opinions are mine. 

This beautiful file is available from here 


  1. you call that horrible feet? you should see mine. xx i cant wait to read the update
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

    1. They used to be worse, I had terrible cracks but used a heel repair balm when I remembered!
      There is already ann improvement on the rest of my feet!

  2. Oh you're very brave, we all suffer from dry heels though, can't be helped:)

    1. the company contacted me to see what I would like to try, when I said this I did not think of the horror of photographing my feet ha!

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  4. Oh I need to file my feet. Sometimes i get lazy!