Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Meek and feeble post inside

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 So I had better update my weight battles. In the past few weeks I have put on 7lb, after my dramatic drop after not eating when I split up with B my body went a bit mad and when I started eating again I put on 4lb straight away.
Kept my weight stable for 3 weeks now and once the kids return to school I fully intend to do Zumba once a week, walking/running 3 or 4 times too and be more concious about what I am eating.
 I have though, lost most of my worries regarding my weight. I have been on a few shopping sprees and have really enjoyed trying new things, including getting rid of the horrendous baggy, wide legged MATERNITY trousers that were like my comfort blanket!
Gok Wan's range at Sainsburys is a heaven for those of us with boobs, hips and booty! I now have 4 pairs of his Jodhpurs, a pair of jeggings (6 months ago I would have run away screaming!) I even have a teal and pink pair of jeans!
 I also treated myself to these babies

So while my weight loss has taken a detour, I feel and look better than I have in a long time. The end of my relationship has given me a push to find the real me and once parts of my life are sorted I will somehow find the funds to do a make-up artist course and a nail course, its something I love and enjoy and without sounding too big headed it is something I am good at!

 Once I get the kids off to school my focus will be my health and not my dress size! Of course losing a couple of them would be nice I won't lie!

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