Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Mont Bleu Glass file

Today I have an awesomely pretty nail file to show you! Mont Bleu  have taken everyday things such as nail files, tweezers and make-up compacts and made them shine with beautiful crystals! Making the everyday that little bit more luxurious to use!

The file comes in a lovely little velvet pouch, is easy to 're-charge' if you feel it is less effective then run it under a tap and leave to dry naturally and it will become effective again. Making these extremely long lasting and a far better choice than an emery board, yucky things!

This file is very easy to use and turns the nail to dust! I also found the pointy tip really useful for filing right into the side of the nail when I had to do a repair on a broken nail and needed to neaten it up!

All in all this is a lovely piece of kit, especially as a gift for a nail fanatic!

This file and plenty of other crystal adorned loveliness is available from here

This item was sent to me for review, I received no payment and all opinions are my own and honest.


  1. I've never tried a glass file, I know theyre supposed to be the best.... Id like to give this one a go. X

  2. They are good, you don't have to do from side to middle which makes filing easier and they are so much easier on the nail than emery boards!