Saturday, 9 June 2012

NOTD - OPI Magic

This polish has been on my lust list forever! A bit like Radiance was, but unlike Radiance this was actually as lovely as I had hoped if not more amazing! 

Pictures simply had to be taken in the sun to show its total amazingness and shininess! 

In this picture I tried to get a hint of the duochrome capabilities of this polish, in real life this flashes between the beautiful royal blue to a deep, sexy purple but my camera just would not capture it, you can just see it here!

Look at the amazing twinkles in the sun!

In the shade this reminded me of Swimsuit......Nailed It! but when I pulled up the pictures and put them side by side there was no real dupe

Macro in the sun just had to be done to show the diamond particles glittering !

I was lucky enough to get this for a bargain price on Buyapowa but you can get this relatively cheap on amazon!