Monday, 20 August 2012

Me, my weight and I!

of my weight that is! I have become a bit stuck, I go between eating rubbish and barely eating depending on my mood. I managed a solitary Zumba class since the holidays started and now my instructor is off until the kids go back anyway! Last week I stepped on the scales and was 15st 13.5lb, so close to going back into the 16's! Scared me a bit as I don't want to get back to there. So cut back a bit and as pleased when the scales showed 15st 10.5lb. But I know I can do better, I have devised a fitness plan I can do while the small people are off school and I have taken some measurements as well as my weight so even on the days the scales don't shift I can check those too. My mum is back to bike riding so 3 or 4 times a week, once the kids go back, I am dragging her with me to the woods and she can cycle and I can run, I love running and want to get back into it. Coupled with Zumba and some light weights plus a healthier attitude to food and I will start shifting weight again I will also be using this website as its really good for keeping track of things and its FREE!

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