Friday, 24 August 2012

NOTD - 2 True Crystal Polish Shade 3

Well looky here, we have a so called 'drug store' polish on my blog! As you may tell I don't do these often but recently had a polish splurge and some offers in Superdrug tempted me!

This is the amazingly named Shade 3 by 2 True and is limited edition so not sure how long this is available for. 

This is a real sparkler, the photos do not do it justice! I would also like to point out that these pictures were taken on day 7, yep SEVEN and only minimal tipwear and my next confession is that I was too lazy to do a topcoat, so not only did it last this long before I got bored, it lasted that long on its lonesome!

This polish is a teal base with teal, turquoise and lilac micro glitter, which I just couldn't photograph!

Just amazing!

2 True polishes are £1.99 each from Superdrug, or 3 for £5 and when I bought mine I got a free polish from there permanent range for free too but not sure that is still on!

I can't wait to try the other two crystal polishes I got!

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