Saturday, 1 September 2012

NOTD OPI - Pompeii Purple

Bit of an odd one today! My eye just cannot detect a purple, even the duochrome flashes blue rather purple!

Still love it though, bright pink is a very me colour. The formula was good, 2 coats to opacity and wear was good, as you can see tipwear here but that was after 5 days!

Can you see purple? I see a blue-y silver flash!

This was a lovely, eye catching polish that makes a change from the regular hot pinks!

Pompeii Purple is in the core range so available from now


  1. Like this lots - trades description would have a field day though coz I can't see a hint of purple in that!

  2. Forgot to say
    Becky on the end of that x

    1. haha, don't think Trades Description would care, OPI have many polishes that make no sense when it comes to the polish inside!

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