Monday, 27 August 2012

NOTD Color Club - Blue-ming

This polish very nearly did not get blogged! Never have I had such a problem photographing a polish in my life! I had to play around with some never touched before settings on my phone to get the colour right!

But it was worth it as this polish caught my eye straight away when I was perusing the shelves in TK Maxx!

Application was a chore, I won't lie I was tempted to take it off almost straight away! First coat was streaky, second coat was streaky, third coat was great and opaque BUT then it took forever to dry. Even with a quick dry sparkly-ish topcoat!

You can see a hint of the sparkle on my ring finger. The worst part of this mani was that after an hour and a half I put a dvd in the player and made a huge dent in two nails of my right hand *face palm*

This was a beautiful polish and the white base made it a really bright pop of colour on my nails. Alas, next time I wear it I will give myself half hour between each coat!

Blue-ming came in a set from TK Maxx and that is the only in the UK I have found Color Club but they have some on Amazon which I didn't know until today!

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