Sunday, 21 October 2012

And now for something completely different!

But of course this is me, the nail polish addict so there had to feature some nail polish right?

Well here it is! I purchased these from Kate at Never Naked Nails  from her Etsy shop as I have seen nail polish jewellery before but wanted to purchase from someone I had interacted with and Etsy is a wonderful online shop!

This ring features silver glitter with a scattered holo glitter in it too, its certainly eye catching!

This one is possibly my favourite, a simple linear holo base in silver, which is what first set my pulse alight with regards to holo polishes! Had the holo on the polish in my pics been better then they would have been a great matching pair!

Finally is this little gem I got free as I ordered when Kate ran a promotion on Facebook and I love this too, I am a lover of silver jewellery and loved the base of this too, a grey micro glitter base with blue and pink larger glitter pieces, must hunt down this polish!

Nail polish jewellery is a fabulous idea and a great purchase for someone with an addiction to all things sparkly and polish related, that would be me then!

These were all under £5 and shipping was only a couple of pound, in fact my whole order only came to £11.81 for the three rings, amazing value!

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