Saturday, 20 October 2012

NOTD - Boots 17 Holographic

Happy Saturday peeps! Had a super busy week of shopping, poorly daughter, her Halloween disco at school and general out and aboutness! 

Day of rest today (and washing :( ) so what better to do than blog?!

So we all know holo polishes are big news, I have the original Gosh Holo   but am amassing a collection of indies now and they piddle all over it!

So how does a high street holo compare?

Erm, well it doesn't! I mean it really really just doesn't!

Excuse the little finger, didn't like this enough to start over!

This is a linear holo, and even in the sunlight it was hard to really tell that it was a holo :( 

My camera struggled with this, although there wasn't really much to pick up!

Inside, and even now sitting in front of my window this looks just like a plain old silver/white polish on my nails!

If this is your first holo purchase then maybe you will love it and the plus side is that it is a million easier to apply than the Gosh one but still a good idea to use a sticky base, a coat of this, a topcoat and a final layer of this so as not to dull the holo

This is available from Boots stores for £3.99 but in all honesty pay the extra £1 and get the recently re-released Gosh version from Superdrug stores!

I will be doing some more holo posts soon as I have just got some from Models Own that look gorgeous!

Are you a holo fan?


  1. Love how this looks, will check the Gosh nail varnish out too though :)

    1. Do, honestly, it is so so much better than this one! Really eye catching!

      The new Gosh one is laballed as one night only wear but if you want a bit of longevity then do the sandwich technique :)