Sunday, 6 January 2013

NOTD Ciate - Caviar nails

Afternoon peeps! How is everyone feeling about back to school times this week? Can't say I am looking forward to the early starts!

Today's post was a mani that literally lasted a day, and I took the pictures pre clean up (whoops!) as I was sure it would be off straight away! 

Onto the caviar!

This is done with two products I got from my Ciate Advent calendar! The polish is Ladylike Luxe, and I teamed it with the Bumblebee caviar pearls. Probably not the best combo as Ladylike Luxe dries quite fast so you have to get the pearls on quick!

As soon as I got this set out to use (at my daughters request!) I knew I would be doing an accent nail only! 

It took 3 tries to get the beads looking how I wanted as frankly they were a pain!

I ended up picking off the pearls by the evening (tsk tsk) as they were so annoying, but I like the look for a night out. Not something I would wear for a week like my usual mani! 

Ciate is a hard brand to find on the high street but they do it here

Have you tried the caviar trend yet? 


  1. I love the base colour. It's so striking. I haven't tried the Ciate version but I have regular beads that I hope to use sometime during the year

    1. I don't really suit golds, but wear them anyway!
      I have wanted to try the beads for ages, but Superdrug never have the Nail Constellations in and I couldn't find any in craft shops. To be honest not sure how often I would do it :/

  2. Wow... I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely LOVE the caviar trend. However, I have yet to try it! After seeing your nails I think I will give it a try!


    1. It looks great, but set aside some time to do it as it took me a few tries and was quite fiddly!

      Enjoy! x