Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pretty & Polished Heavy Metal collection

Good afternoon :) 

As you may know by now I love indie polishes, so it will come as no surprise that when offered the chance to buy some and review them before release (well would have been had I not been in the UK!) then you can guess my answer!

Today is the Heavy Metal collection by Pretty & Polished. Name had me first being a heavy metaller :)

First up is House Of Brick, a pinky red shimmer. Unlike some shimmers by a well known brand, these shimmers are full coverage! 

The shimmer really is eyecatching and this is 2 coats so fully opaque, impressive!

This went on like a dream, easily some of the best to apply and the below pictures were quite rushed and yet they were perfect!

This started off as my favourite from the collection......

Origins and Endings is a cool, greyed out dark green. This is again a 2 coater

I adore this and think it really suits my cool skin tone

Again, the shimmer is crazy and doesn't need undies!

But for me I think this is the star of the collection!

Romance is Dead, bit apt for me at the moment :D

For some reason this looks patchy but I think it was the light on the insane shimmer!

I used two coats again and instantly fell in love!

Overall I am really impressed with these, the shimmer and colour payoff are amazing. Having purchased shimmers before and having to use them as layering (hello, £10 and no coverage?!) polishes these are great and well worth a purchase!

Pretty & Polished is available from Chels Website here and her Etsy shop here

Go forth and buy!

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