Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pretty & Polished True Blue Duo

Hello! Today I have my second set from Pretty & Polished to show you! This spoke to me because I love blue and I love holographic polishes, so a blue holographic that isn't a baby blue? Pass it my way!

The set also includes a glitter topcoat, you can buy as a set or as single polishes

I decided to do a few different nails to show you Thumb and middle finger are Sea Spray on its own. Index finger is Sea Spray with a coat of Bubbles on top. Ring finger is two coats of Bubbles, I know some people who like to wear glitter topcoats alone so thought I would show you! Pinky finger is Sea Spray with Bubbles as a glitter tip!

As I love Holo polish I would keep Sea Spray to wear alone for full effect, but will definitely wear Bubbles over a white next time, its got holo glitter, different shades of blue and even some square glitter, I love glitter that is different to the normal plain hexes!

Here are two pictures with a flash against light as I live in the UK and we have had no sun for days, so the holo in Sea Spray was hiding until I played around with different light settings, but here it is coming out to play on my middle finger!

This blue is an awesome shade for my skintone, I like anything that works well with my paleness (which is finally returning after the accidental tanning of this summer!)

Pretty & Polished is available from here and here and is all made by hand :) which I am kind of in awe of, I wouldn't know where to start!

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