Saturday, 26 January 2013

NOTD Jindie Nails - Candy Land plus bonus musings!

Hello! Been a little busy and didn't realise it had been two weeks since I last blogged, whoops!

So anyway, unless you have been living under a rock you may know that the UK was blanketed in snow this  month. Which inspired me to try Candy Land by Jindie Nails as the beautiful milky base was perfect for a snowy manicure!

This is my first polish I have tried that has matte glitter, but I love it and the fluro colours are amazing and really pop out of the base!

Application was a bit hard, even after storing it upside down, but as I could only get my hands on the mini bottle I think that is why! This is 3 coats and it is fully opaque, glitter placement was fairly uniform, my only problem was on my index finger, I knocked it not long after the mani and the glitter peeled off! 

Candy Land has won me over as I wasn't sure the white base is for me, but I LOVE it!

Candy Land is hard to get, but Jen has an Etsy Store here but currently no stock available. Jindie Nails are also now being stocked at my favourite etailer Llarowe hurrah! Also at Mei Mei's Signatures but I haven't purchased from them yet. 

Here are some bonus snow pictures, I braved the cold and went in my back garden with Emmy, which I usually avoid, here she is with our snow 'mum' 

snow mum and snow baby

pleased with our frankly awful snowmen!

We had a snowball fight after this, lots of fun!

Mean mummy that I am pushed her over in the snow!

We then came inside and had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!

It all looked lovely!

My neighbours mad cat, his sister didn't come out until yesterday when all the snow had nearly gone!

Snowmen Emmy built out the front with her father

Silly face!

Have you enjoyed the snow or is it too inconvenient and annoying?


  1. Love it! Your kids are so precious :)! My son wants to build a snow man sooo bad (he's 6) but unfortunately, that is not gonna happen...we live in Florida lol! x

    1. Emmy loved it, her older brother not so much! He is 14 and he has cerebral palsy and likes his routine and we were snowed in, he was as miserable as me about it!

      We in the UK don't deal with it like snowy areas of the US! But give me snow over sun any day, like the cold me!