Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Funky Fingers - Baby Baby Baby

I am being a real big meany pants today and bringing you a polish that I cannot find to buy anywhere! I got it in a swap and boy, glad I did! I got it in the post this morning and have never got my acetone out so quickly! I love it so much I had to post about it!
In the shade it doesn't look wow, well in photos it doesn't! In real life its a totally wow holo glitter polish!
Even in the sun I had trouble showing how much this glints and shifts colour, so frustrating to take pictures of!
So to really show off the colour I decided to do a couple of macro shots in the sun and here you can see the truly gorgeous sparkles and believe me in the sunlight in real life this is one gorgeous polish, although I was caught taking pictures of my nails in my garden and got some odd looks from said neighbour! But the picture shows that this is so worth it!
Might be worth trawling ebay for this if you like it, I shall be hanging onto mine forever!

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