Saturday, 26 May 2012

My hair ritual

While I will admit to having pretty good hair, even with the abuse of dyeing it black every 8 weeks, I was keen to try Ojon and really wanted too try the original - Damage Reverse!
This has a pretty big cult following on the internet, in the US especially it is generally hailed as a 'can't live without' hair range!
 The little pot at the front of this picture is the product that started it all, it contains Ojon oil, which is an ancient oil said to restore hair back to virgin quality (not colour obviously!) and thanks to a fantastic deal on the Ojon website I got the shampoo and conditioner when I purchased the pot of Restorative Hair Treatment!
This is the shampoo, conditioner and the treatment as it is straight out of the pot. The shampoo is rich and doesn't need an awful lot to get a good wash. The conditioner is thick and lovely and designed for use from scalp to ends.
The treatment is really an oil and you emulsify it in your hands before applying to your hair, depending on your hair you generally need a teaspoon and a half of products, it comes with a handy little scoop. Personally I have to use two and a half teaspoons as my hair is thick.
This is the spray that I use after, it adds shine and is repairing and conditioning.
The only downside to my ritual is the smell of the treatment, it stinks, of bonfires! But the smell doesn't linger once washed out and the result on my hair is totally worth it! Soft, shiny and full of body. I can't imagine ever going back to another brand apart from when I need to prep my hair for colour! There is lots more from this range I am wanting to try, so watch this space! Ojon is available direct from here or also sets are available from QVC

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